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2-Channel Process Indicator PC7000-2 series

Basic configuration PC7100-2 - two current inputs 0(4)-20mA, 2x4 digits LED display, 9mm high, keyboard, programmable range and decimal point position, 90-250VAC/DC power supply, dimensions 48x96x135mm (1/8 DIN), panel mountable, IP30.

a/ model PC7200-2 - two voltage inputs 0-1V (0-10V)
b/ model PC7300-2 - two inputs Pt100 (Pt500, Pt1000), DIN IEC 751, 3-wire connection

Additional - PC7x01-2 or PC7x02-2 - 1 or 2 freely programmable 5A/250V SPDT relay outputs

Additional - 2 galvanic isolated current outputs 4-20 mA

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