Gas Alarms \\ 4-Channel

4-Channel Gas Detector model DG510/4W

• 1 to 4 independent input channels for connection to gas detection transmitters
• 2 configurable alarm levels for each channel
• Alphanumeric LCD display for gas concentration
• LED and Audible Indication for active alarms
• Configurable relay outputs SPDT 5A/250 VAC
• Back-up Power Supply (optional)
• RS485 (optional)
• Wall-mountable housing with dimensions 235 x 215 x 120 mm, IP65
Works with transmitters from series DGS510.
Detected gas: any gas, for which a detecting transmitter can be made.
E.g. methane (natural gas), propane-butane (LPG), gasoline or organic solvent vapors, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon oxides, nitric or sulfuric oxides, ammonia, chlorine, hydrochloride, hydrosulfide, ethylene, ethylene oxide, etc.

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