Gas Alarms \\ 3-Channel

Gas Alarms \\ 2-Channel

2- or 3-Channel Gas Detector series DG510/3P (panel mountable)

2- or 3-Channel Gas Detector series DG510/3P (panel mountable)


Basic Configuration:


2 possible manufacturing options: with 3 or only 2 channels !


Detected gas - methane (natural gas), propane-butane, ammonia, hydrogen, ethylene, organic dissolvent vapors, fuel vapors, etc.; 2 or 3 independent programmable channels, 2 alarm levels for each channel; 3 common for all channels /250V  SPDT output relays - 2 for the alarm levels and 1 in case of cable or sensor fault; alphanumeric indication; visual and audible alarm (integrated buzzer); panel mountable; dimensions: 144 x 48 x 186 mm; protection degree IP30; work whit transmitters series DGS510


Additional: back-up power supply - 12V7Ah accumulator


Additional: galvanic isolated serial interface RS485 ( Modbus ASCII ) - for communication with monitoring and control systems

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