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Programmable Process Indicator with Bargraph series LI02


Basic Characteristics LI02-I(U):


Current input 0(4)-20mA or voltage input 0-10V, 51 segment LED bargraph 0 to 100%, 5-digit LED display, programmable “Zero”, “Span” and decimal point position of the measuring level/volume range in physical units, programmable level – volume table of correspondence with maximum 20 points, power supply: 90-250V AC/DC, 6VA (24V on request), accuracy: < 0.1 % of the range ±1 digit, dimensions: 72х144x100mm; panel mountable, IP30.


a/ model LI02-P - input Pt100, (Pt500Pt1000), DIN IEC751, 3-wire


b/ model LI02-TC - input TC type K, J, S, T, B, E, etc. with cold junction compensation and linearization


Additional: Up to 2 programmable SPDT relay outputs, according to the input signal

Additional: Galvanic isolated current output 4-20mA - programmable to level / volume

Additional: Integrated 24V DC, 50mA power supply for a transmitter

AdditionalModbus АSCII protocol over a galvanic isolated RS485 serial interface

Download PDF with a detailed product description