Since its establishing in 1990 our company Delta Instruments Ltd. has reached a leading position as a producer and supplier of measurement and control instruments and systems for industrial application and has become а well known name in the Bulgarian market. We have highly qualified and trained engineering staff, capable of professional production, sales, services and engineering.


       Our basic products are different types of industrial transmitters, controllers, process-indicators, sensors and other measuring devices for:


  • Temperature
  • Pressure and Differential Pressure
  • Flow of Liquids and Gases
  • Level of Liquids and Bulk Materials
  • Humidity
  • Gas Concentration, etc.


       Our sensors, devices and systems have been reliably used in many industrial fields such as energy production, metallurgy, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry, paper production, mining and cement industry, etc.


       The high quality of our products and services is a result of careful development and modern production methods. Each stage of the production process is followed by strict quality control procedures according to ISO9001


       Based on this, we have been taking further steps towards the goal of widening service for customers by offering high quality, competitive prices, good service and punctual delivery. 


       Delta Instruments develops its activities in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, England, Austria, Romania, Macedonia, Australia and other countries.  The number of customers in 2009 is over 1800 including the biggest Bulgarian plants in all branches of industry. The average annual growth of the company is up to 10-15 %.


       As a leading supplier of Measurement and Control devices, Delta Instruments is a representative and distributor for Bulgaria of several worldwide companies, listed as our partners.


       We take part in exhibitions, organize seminars and promotions, make advertisement materials of our partners in Bulgarian, validate certificates, conduct service and deliver repair parts. In last few years our trade activities increase faster.


       Delta Instruments has a METROLOGY CALIBRATION LABORATORY for all types of Safety Testers (meeting 17025 standard). We calibrate most of the LOOP, RCD, Insulation and Earth Testers, used in the Bulgarian market.