Process Indicators & Thermometers

Developed on the basis of analog circuitry, these devices provide cheap, resistant to disturbances visualization of parameters of technological quantities. The measurement range needs to be set in advance.

Programmable Process Indicators

Great variety of devices with programmable visualization of real physical quantities, programmable type and limit levels of the relays, and with galvanic isolated current output and interface.

ON/OFF Controllers

For ON/OFF control of parameters of technological processes, including multistage control. Suitable for signalization of limit levels (HL & LL) and for three stage control.

PID Controllers

With programmable PID law parameters, reliable, disturbances resistant. Great variety of input and output types. Autotune option by temperature control.

Hydrophore Systems Controllers

Specially designed for control of hydrophore systems with 1 to 4 pumps, with ON/OFF or frequency control.

Pressure & Differential Pressure

Transmitters for pressure and differential pressure, submersible level transmitters, membrane transmitters, etc. Possibility to be connected with any kind of our indicators and controllers.

Level Measurement & Control

Devices for level alarm and control, combined with conductive (submersible) or float level sensors.

Temperature Measurement & Control

Great variety of sensors, transmitters, thermometers and controllers for temperature. Developed combinations into complex monitoring and control systems.
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