We develop and install various custom systems for logging, monitoring, analysis and control, based on your specific application and requirements.

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring System Interface

Interesting developed and successfully commissioned projects:
  • Measurement of relative humidity and temperature in the pharmaceutical warehouses of VetProm AD (PDF)
  • Part of the traceability system by drying of cement sheaths of temperature sensors in the low-temperature furnaces of EPIQ Electronic Assembly EOOD.
  • Monitoring the drying processes in the high-temperature industrial furnaces in the building EPIQ1 of EPIQ Electronic Assembly. Monitoring the temperature in the furnaces in the clean halls of the building.
  • Temperature control in the industrial furnaces, monitoring and connection to the traceability system of Melexis-Sofia.
  • Relative humidity and temperature monitoring and control in the curing chambers of EnerSys AD – Targovishte by the production of batteries.
  • Monitoring and control of a testing furnace in the training center of the Bulgarian ATSA