As a respond to the growing demand of quality control by production processes our company Delta Instruments offers a variety of systems for monitoring, archive and control of technological parameters. The systems are combinations of different measurement devices, the data of which is collected, monitored, archived and visualized by specialized custom software. These systems are developed completely custom in order to satisfy every customer’s exact requirements. Their capability to be integrated with different database systems (MS SQL, Oracle, mySQL) enables their easy traceability in the production process and the different ERP systems, used by customers. The implemented trend graphs, reports and alarms make the software suitable not only for quality control, but also for automation control and telemetry.


Monitoring Systems

Monitoring System Interface


Interesting already developed and integrated projects:


  • Measurement of relative humidity and temperature in the pharmaceutical warehouses of VetProm AD (PDF)
  • Part of the traceability system by drying of cement sheaths of temperature sensors in the low-temperature furnaces of EPIQ Electronic Assembly EOOD.
  • Monitoring the drying processes in the high-temperature industrial furnaces in the building EPIQ1 of EPIQ Electronic Assembly. Monitoring the temperature in the furnaces in the clean halls of the building.
  • Temperature control in the industrial furnaces, monitoring and connection to the traceability system of Melexis-Sofia.
  • Relative humidity and temperature monitoring and control in the curing chambers of EnerSys AD – Targovishte by the production of batteries.
  • Monitoring and control of a testing furnace in the training center of the Bulgarian ATSA