How do we work given the COVID-19 situation

In regard to the extraordinary situation in Bulgaria and the world in general because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, with this statement we would like to inform you about the current state of our business and the measures we have undertaken to limit any chances of spreading the virus.


We want to assure you that:


1. Despite some difficulties and constraints our business is operational and maintains regular pace of work and deliveries, when it comes to our production capacity.


2. Our distribution business (imports) is also running as usual, although there is a possibility of certain delivery delays from some of our partners for reasons beyond our control


3. Our office is open for visitors every workday within the usual work hours, but under supervision to maintain strict measures for personal protection and hygiene. Similarly to how supermarkets operate, we ask you to use a face mask and keep reasonable distance from other people around you.


4. We have undertaken the following additional measures for protection and hygiene:

  • We have provided the necessary stronger disinfection liquids in every toilet in our office
  • Our personnel is equipped with face masks and gloves and is mandatory to use them when interacting with people from the outside
  • We make sure to clean all common surfaces in the office more often and more thoroughly – floors, furniture, door handles, equipment and tools
  • Any personnel who can afford to do their job from home, are required to do so
  • All personnel who has the challenging task to travel in Bulgaria and perform planned and emergency inspections, calibration and repairs at the premises of customers, are equipped with special protection suits, masks, gloves and disinfection liquids.


5. Despite the measures we have undertaken, we advise you unless absolutely necessary, to restrain from coming to our office. You can communicate with us over the phone or per email, and you can trust the various courier companies that we work with every day, to do a good job of delivering your purchased equipment from our office straight to you.


6. Despite all preparations of our service engineers for field trips, we ask you especially for planned inspections and calibration at your premises, to try to postpone them for later in the year, when the pandemic has passed.


In these hard times we all share one common goal – to protect people’s health through limiting the proximity during interaction. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.


The second goal for all of us is to continue working as much as possible, given the constraints, in order to minimize the effect from the upcoming financial difficulties for everyone.


We may be more persistent to get advance payments for purchase orders now more than ever, especially from problematic and unknown customers, but this is so we can remain diligent in our payments to our employees and suppliers. For this reason we also ask for your understanding and cooperation, considering the upcoming stagnation.


Thank you for your attention, stay healthy, be diligent and disciplined, and let this occasion be a reason for us to become more compassionate and supportive to each other in the future.