Delta Instruments celebrated its 30 years anniversary

Founded way back in the year 1990 by a group of engineers from Sofia Technical University with experience, knowledge and innovative thinking, at the cost of tireless work and perseverance, our company establishes itself at the very beginning as a leading manufacturer of measurement and control equipment for the Bulgarian industry. This can be verified by many loyal customers with still working equipment since the 90s.


Growing and developing steadily over the years, the company upgrades and expands its portfolio of high-quality equipment for measurement, control, monitoring and automation of industrial processes, encompassing temperature, humidity, level, pressure, flow, concentrations of dangerous gases, electrical and energy parameters and others.


Today our brand name Delta Instruments is associated with proven quality and reliability, flexible and custom solutions, professional support and expert consulting. We combine a range of our own production with the distribution of quality equipment from Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan and other countries, in order to provide a wide variety of suitable solutions to the industrial and energy sectors. We also have our own accredited calibration laboratory.


We want to express our greatest thanks to all our customers, colleagues and partners, with whom we sought after new market opportunities and technical solutions over the years! Without you we could not have accomplished so much.


We celebrated our anniversary by organizing a 2-day teambuilding event in Bansko for all colleagues and their families. Our teambuilding was full of games, relax and some sports and overall was a great experience for everyone involved.


Colleagues Teambuilding