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Temperature Indicator / Transmitter model DI-TT

Temperature Indicator / Transmitter model DI-TT

This thermometer / transmitter is designed for temperature measurement in workplaces, storage or manufacturing facilities, greenhouses, refrigerators, freezers, outdoor facilities and other applications. It can be combined with standard RTD sensor probes with various constructions, dimensions, cable types and lengths, customized for the specific application. It is suitable for use in different monitoring systems. Depending on the device version, its measurement can be:


а) just vizualized on the LCD display (Version B)


b) vizualized and transmitted over serial communication interface RS485 via ModBus RTU protocol (Version RS)


c) vizualized and transmitted over analogue output 4-20 mA DC (Version OI)


- Measurement range -50 ÷ 200 °С (or another based on the application and sensor probe);
- Accuracy ± 0.25% F.S.
- Power supply 18÷32 V DС
- 4-digit LCD display
- sensor probe and electrical connections through terminals and standard PG7 cable glands
- supports additive correction of the measurement value
- supports measurement units °С or °F

Download PDF with a detailed product description